Campus Housing and Personal Property

Students are encouraged to take pride in the building and communities that they live in, and assist in the provision of a clean, safe, and welcoming living experience for all students.

  • Any damage or alterations of Campus Housing facilities is strictly prohibited
  • Theft and/or damage of Campus Housing property or other student’s personal belongings.
  • Removal, alteration, or relocation of Campus Housing property, unless when completed by Campus Housing Staff.
  • Damage to any furniture or culinary appliances/utensils due to negligence or inappropriate use, regardless of intention.
  • The removal of door closures and window screens.
  • Furnishings must not block any room entrances, exits, or be within close proximity of heating and air conditioning units/vents.
  • Using any space or service in Campus Housing for commercial purposes. This includes any profit-driven activities, as well as the promotion and/or hosting of events which are intended to promote/sell goods or services.
  • All personal belongings and/or Campus Housing property must be stored inside the student’s room/suite (including sporting equipment, bicycles, etc.).


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