Living With Room/Suite mates

You may be both excited, and nervous, to live in Campus Housing. It is likely the first time you are living in close proximity to a large number of people, many of whom are quite possibly strangers. Conflict and disagreements are natural and NSCC Campus Housing staff will be there to support you and your room/suite mates throughout the process.

Please keep in mind that all students are individuals, and many experiences, cultures, identities, and preferences influence us all.

Roommate/Suitemate Agreement

Roommate agreements Upon move in to shared accommodations, each student will be provided with a roommate agreement form. The CA will host a suite/floor meeting to review the agreement and will encourage room/suitemates to fill out the form together. It is each student’s’ responsibility to identify differences in living preferences, make compromises and establish expectations.

The roommate agreement  will generally cover such items as:

    • Cleanliness of individual and common spaces and standards of cleanliness
    • Noise (music level, sleeping hours, etc.)
    • Guests (overnight or during quiet hours)
    • Safety and security (i.e., allergies, medical conditions)
    • Physical property
    • Other information

The roommate agreement can be re-visited as needed during the year and is a resource that students and Campus Housing Staff can use for working through challenges.

Requesting a Room Transfer

Students are expected to occupy the room and bed space that has been assigned to them by NSCC Campus Housing and are not approved to change without permission. This includes “agreeing to switch” with another student.

If you would like to request a room change you must contact your Coordinator, Campus Housing via email and provide additional information as required. In your email, you must include:

  • The reason for your room transfers request, along with any additional information about your rooming situation.
  • Whether or not a roommate agreement was completed.
  • Indicate what steps you have taken to try to resolve any challenges.

The information that you submit may be shared with your Community Assistant (CA) and you may be asked to meet with the Coordinator, Campus Housing to discuss your request.

If your request falls within the parameters of the Housing/Room Assignment Consideration process, you must complete and submit the appropriate documentation

Please note:

  • Campus Housing room transfers will not be considered during the first two weeks of every academic term, except for changes required for medical reasons.
  • Requests that are based on approved Housing/Room Assignment Consideration form requests will receive priority in the room transfer process.
  • Room transfers are based on the merit of the request and are not first come, first considered. Offers will be made to help resolve specific issues, not accommodate personal preferences.
  • Room transfers depend on the availability of spaces/rooms and the College cannot guarantee that a request for a room change, although approved, can be met.
  • Certain room changes may result in different Campus Housing fee charges and if accepted, the student is responsible for all charges associated with the new space.


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