Common Areas

A kitchen room with a sink, stove, toaster, microwave, fridge and cupboards with a L shape counter space.  A living area with a large TV, arm chairs and sofas.

All students will have access to both common lounges and/or kitchens in their Campus Housing building or in adjacent academic buildings. Students are asked to be respectful in their use of the lounges.

While common lounges often come equipped with cozy and functional furniture in addition to TVs and cable access, NSCC will often designate common spaces for specific purposes such as study rooms.

Each kitchen contains a cooktop, microwave, refrigerator, sink, cupboards, and counter space. Students can use kitchen facilities at their leisure (within posted hours) as long as responsible use is demonstrated.

When using a common space students are responsible to:

  • Ensure the space is left clean and tidy and they remove all personal belongings, garbage, and recyclables.
  • Refrain from using or removing other students’ belongings (including food, utensils, etc.) without permission.
  • Adhere to all quiet hours and community standards.
  • Promote the fair and equitable access to common space for all students.

Access to common space is a privilege and can be removed.


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