Personal and Community safety

In support of the safety of all students, guests, staff and community members, the following actions are in contravention of NSCC’s Campus Housing Community Standards and may be subject to sanctions:

  • Discarding objects, leaning, and/or extending body parts through windows.
  • As it can cause property damage and/or create excessive noise, sporting equipment and mobile athletic equipment (skateboards, skates, hoverboards, etc.) must be used outside of Campus Housing.
  • The possession of pets, including fish and reptiles, in Campus Housing is not permitted.
    • Special permission must be obtained and granted for service animals.
  • Attending, hosting, or advertising, large social gatherings in Campus Housing, whether the gathering is organized or spontaneous in nature.
  • Participating in and/or hosting gambling-related events in Campus Housing. This involves activities that require the exchange of money/material goods, where the outcome is uncertain, and/or where there is intent to win a portion of the money/material goods. Exception: Campus Housing led events for prizes.
  • Objectionable and obscene material is not permitted in Campus Housing. This includes racist, homophobic, or sexist images or jokes, hate literature, pornographic materials and any other materials that may be offensive to others or negatively reflect upon the reputation of NSCC
  • Use and access of the College’s high speed wireless network is a privilege and is governed by the Technology Resources – Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to adhere to the policy may result in the restriction or removal of the privilege.
  • Any damage or alterations of Campus Housing facilities is strictly prohibited.


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