Who is in Housing?

NSCC Campus Housing is committed to creating, to the best of our abilities, an environment that supports community connections, personal wellbeing, and academic success. Our staff consists of professional as well as student Campus Housing positions and together, they partner with campus and community colleagues to achieve our goals.

Who is in Campus Housing?

Coordinator, Campus Housing (CCH)

Every NSCC Campus Housing has a coordinator who is a full-time professional staff member, responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of our Campus Housing program. They oversee our Community Assistants (CAs) and work with other members of the Student Services team on campus to support students and foster accountability to help build a positive and inclusive living and learning environment.

COGS – Veronika Deliyannakis

As a full-time professional staff member, Veronika is available during regular office hours. Veronika is available for scheduled or drop-in appointments during designated office hours

  • Email: veronika.deliyannakis@nscc.ca

Strait Area – Jeremy Arseneau

As a full-time professional staff member, Jeremy is available during regular office hours. Jeremy is available for scheduled or drop-in appointments during designated office hours

  • Email: jeremy.arseneau@nscc.ca

Truro – Patrick Colley

As a full-time professional staff member, Patrick is available during regular office hours. Patrick is available for scheduled or drop-in appointments during designated office hours

  • Email: patrick.colley@nscc.ca

Community Assistants (CAs)

A young woman sitting sideways at a desk, smiling with her hands in her lap. The desk behind her has an open laptop. There are notes and pictures on the wall behind the desk.
A CA in a NSCC Campus Housing Room
One person with long hair and glasses holding a laptop is laughing. Another person with braided hair is hugging her arm and laughing.
Enjoying A NSCC common area.

Likely to be one of the first people you meet on campus, CAs are NSCC students who are chosen leaders in Campus Housing. Students attending NSCC with previous Campus Housing staffing experience will be considered for leadership opportunities with NSCC Campus Housing and are encouraged to apply.

CAs are committed to building a sense of belonging and community in Campus Housing and on the campus and receive intensive training. They are there to aid in the security of the building, creating educational and social programming opportunities and supporting students in need. They typically have a responsibility of the general oversight of 1 – 2 floors or floor sections as required.

CAs are a resource for students living in Campus Housing but are not professionals and have limits to the support they can and are permitted to provide.

Front Desk Staff

These student staff members provide general support for common processes such as guest welcome and sign in, delivery acceptance, as well as help students with day-to-day administrative tasks and general inquiries. Additionally, front desk staff may be hired to support the delivery of summer conference services.

Facilities Services

Four people of various heights, all wearing red shirts, are standing in front of a sign that reads Innovation Centre.

An integral part of the Campus Housing experience, we encourage you to take the time to get to know the facilities staff in your building. They are wonderful members of our NSCC and local communities and deserve respect and support. Reporting to Campus Facilities, these staff members coordinate and follow up on maintenance requests, track inventory, and respond to urgent Campus Housing facility needs. Additionally, they are responsible for general cleaning and maintenance of common spaces throughout our Campus Housing locations.


A priority for NSCC is safety. In addition to cameras and Campus Housing staff, each campus has 24/7 security provision. Security staff are there to help keep our campus environment safe and support students in emergency situations. All Campus Housing facilities and broader campus buildings have video surveillance cameras in operation. No devices are located in common or private areas of Campus Housing but focus on access points and areas of concern.

Additionally, there will be a minimum of two points of restricted access before getting to your Campus Housing room. We encourage all students to pay attention to keeping the building as well as their room secure. Students are asked not to permit access to people whom they do not know.

All NSCC Campuses are also equipped with a Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA). SARA is an automated emergency alert system used at all NSCC campuses. It provides emergency call tools for fire, lockdown, medical and security situations. For a complete overview of NSCC’s emergency response system, watch the Emergency Notification System Orientation video.


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