Internet Access and Usage

All NSCC students are provided free highspeed wireless internet access through their student account. Built into Campus Housing fees, all activity through the network is governed by the Technology Resources – Acceptable Use Policy.

Our internet services on campus are Wifi Only and provided by Eastlink. For any support needed you can contact Eastlink through the provided technical Support options:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 902-377-4325 (Halifax) or 902-843-4325 (Truro)
  • Live Chat:

Networks Available on Campus:

  • The “Housing” wireless broadcast is an encrypted and secure connection using your NSCC credentials. Usable by most computers, tablets, and smartphones. This is the primary WiFi network to connect to.
    • Log on using your NSCC credentials: and Password
  • The “Gaming” network is reserved for devices needing just a passcode to connect (as they are unable to connect to Housing). Devices must first be registered online with Eastlink. This network is for gaming consoles, streaming sticks, smartTVs
    • Go online and complete the Eastlink on Campus form.
    • Eastlink will contact you when your device can connect to the Gaming WiFi network.
    • Then enter the passcode when prompted.
  • The “Guest” network is reserved for individuals and groups accessing our facilities for short stays. Uses a passcode provided by Campus Housing staff.
    • Campus Housing Staff will provide you with a temporary passcode to connect with.


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